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Census count pushed to Oct. 31

From the census.gov website Oct. 2: “As a result of court orders, the Oct. 5, 2020 target date is not operative, and data collection operations will continue through Oct. 31, 2020.”

So we have until the end of the month to complete our census forms. The information gained from the Colorado census data (collected every 10 years) determines our representation in Congress; there is a good chance we could gain a seat in Congress because of Colorado’s population growth in then past 10 years. Currently, Colorado get $13 billion annually in federal funding based on the 2010 population data, that is about $2,300 per person. This money funds public infrastructure, affordable housing and Head Start among many other programs that contribute to the health of our community. There has been confusion about who should/can participate — everyone living in Colorado needs to participate, whether a citizen of the U.S. or some other status. And there is not a citizenship question on the census.

Please help all Coloradans, as well as yourself, and complete the census by Oct. 31. https://2020census.gov/

Ann Mullins