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Celestial project needs another look

Back in the 1980s, I served as a Pitkin County commissioner. Our board reflected and respected the community covenants crafted in our land-use code. Our county is well-governed and many development projects have been modified or denied because of our respect for all elements of our environment.

As my career choice was in public safety, not land use and zoning, I, as sheriff, reminded the BOCC that our county had nearly exhausted all of the available “good parcels” and thus, most of the applications we were seeing for new residential construction were in areas threatened by external forces such as debris outflow, rockslides and avalanches. I lobbied for serious deliberation any time a home was proposed within these zones which threatened people’s safety.

I will wrap this up. I see an opportunity for the Board of County Commissioners to revisit the Celestial proposal with strict attention to the engineered safety wall, its functionality and negative scenic impacts.

Safety second?

Bob Braudis