Cathy Robinson Park being ignored |

Cathy Robinson Park being ignored

We have been part-time residents and homeowners in Snowmass Village for more than 20 years. During that time I have been impressed by the stewardship the town has shown of its open and green spaces. One of my favorite places has been Cathy Robinson Park next to the Little Red Schoolhouse. The park has always been carefully tended, shaded, quiet and a wonderful place to take a break. A walk with my dog or a picnic with grandchildren in the shady and safe playground has been lovely. Unfortunately, things have changed over the past two years and not for the better.

In the past several years, by my count, more than eight large, mature trees have been removed. Most recently in the past several weeks two large shade trees in the playground were cut down. This leaves the playground a pool of blazing sunlight. Perhaps the trees were unsafe, but they looked fine to me. An earthmoving machine is working on the community garden above the playground, I believe, and has torn up grassy areas and made a mess of things. The grass in the park is unmown and ankle deep. There are many bare spots where bushes have been pulled and left bare. The flower garden is not tended like those elsewhere in town.

If trees needed to be removed why hasn’t a single new tree, bush or plant been placed in three years? Why isn’t the restroom building accessible? Why is the grass neglected? Why hasn’t the town told us the reason it has virtually abandoned this jewel? Is there a plan or is it just simple neglect? It would be nice if the town told us what’s going on. It would be better if they got to work restoring what nature and neglect has wrought.

Daniel Teitelbaum

Snowmass Village and Denver

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