Castle Creek will bear brunt of new Maroon Creek regs |

Castle Creek will bear brunt of new Maroon Creek regs

Dear County Commissioners:

As a Castle Creek Valley resident and avid road biker, I am horrified by the possible unintended consequences of your proposed permit and reservation system for Maroon Creek bikers.

I think we all can agree that the use (and especially misuse) of e-bikes needs to be addressed, but I question if fees and reservations will resolve the issue. All that will happen if/when you limit bikers on Maroon Creek is that they’ll head to Castle Creek where those same fees and reservations are not required.

At least on Maroon Creek, vehicles are limited to buses driven by trained drivers. On Castle Creek there is heavy traffic, from both residential and construction vehicles as well as numerous cars heading to some of the most popular hiking and tourist areas (Ashcroft, Pine Creek Cookhouse, Little Annie’s and Midnight Mine). Given the numerous blind curves on the road, drawing more bikers to this road is a nightmare waiting to happen.

How can we educate e-bikers to make all our roads safer? Let’s not lighten the load on one road only to cause a disastrous situation on another.

Heidi Semrau