Castle Creek Bridge renovations aren’t necessary |

Castle Creek Bridge renovations aren’t necessary

There are two major issues of immediate importance in Aspen. One is the traffic and parking issue in the core, especially in light of the upgrade to the mall pavement and infrastructure. The second is the expensive and disruptive work to be done on the Castle Creek Bridge to improve pedestrian and bicycle access.

As to the first, this problem could be easily helped by simply requiring downtown employees and contractors to park in the Intercept and Buttermilk parking lots, and providing free or inexpensive nonstop shuttle service into town. Even tourists and customers would benefit by this instead of paying the huge parking fees in town.

As to the second, we already have more than adequate pedestrian and bicycle access into town by way of the Marolt Bike Path and Trail. Pedestrian and bike access over the Castle Creek Bridge shouldn’t even be allowed! Spending over $4 million and totally disrupting traffic to provide that access is simply wrong.

Eric Simon

Snowmass Village