Castle Creek Bridge on the brink |

Castle Creek Bridge on the brink

Pages and volumes have been written and argued regarding the ongoing entrance to Aspen conundrum. However, the challenge to the entrance conflict that is not usually mentioned is time.

People may argue for years and decades as to what may be a good solution to traffic in and out of Aspen. But the physical Castle Creek bridge, which is state-owned, will not last another 10 to 20 years of current use (Aspen Daily News: Nov 8, 2018 — based on an estimated 75-year lifespan, the Castle Creek Bridge will need to be replaced in 2036).

At some point, the state will say “we need to replace this bridge and where do you want a new bridge built?” If no consensus is reached on that question, then a possibility exists that the state will just close the bridge due to safety issues and let Aspen stew in its own boiling pot. The crumbling cliff edge of decision is drawing nigh.

Dan Brabec