Cast your important vote for Skippy Mesirow |

Cast your important vote for Skippy Mesirow

To vote and why it matters: It’s the foundation. The placeholder. Day-to-day, we do our thing. Routine is something we all get used to, and over time, we are given the chance to make a decision that can positively affect our daily lives. It’s our vote. A single vote can put us in a direction that not only betters ourselves, but also betters our wellbeing, livable environment, and last but not least, our day-to-day routine in the cherished place we are lucky to call home, Aspen.

Skippy Mesirow is someone I can put my trust in to make positive decisions based on community direction. So, be sure to vote. You have then helped from the foundation that makes us, as a community, strong and resilient. Do your part. Every vote matters.

Bo Gallagher