Carbondale votes need pool time

I remember playing poolside games as a youngster: Marco … Polo … was one. However, if you couldn’t touch the bottom of the pool or didn’t know how to swim, you could not play. You watched.

Every town needs to have a community pool. It’s important. It offers one the chance to relax, cool off and most importantly learn how to swim. According to the Red Cross, over 54% of adults in America cannot swim well enough to save their own life. Youngsters need to be taught how to swim, the sooner the better. Access to a public pool is critical.

Carbondale’s community pool is in disrepair … creatively held together with duct tape! It’s time to be replaced.

I would suggest that some key attributes of a small town are a library, town park, and of course, a public pool. Let’s keep it that way! Learning how to swim is a life-saving skill. Please vote yes for Carbondale’s Ballot Issue A.

Lance Luckett