Carbondale has higher priorities than new pools |

Carbondale has higher priorities than new pools

Anybody use mason jars for stashing money for life’s expenses? People are always saying the government should be run just like your family budget. They say the government shouldn’t have any debt. But most households have debt, like credit cards, student debt, car loans, a mortgage on the house, and maybe a home equity loan.

Well, our town has a bunch of these debts, like mason jars, that take care of things like water and wastewater and housing. Our 0.5% recreation sales tax goes into a fund that takes care of the swimming pool and parks. There is a ballot issue now to decide if the town should borrow $7 million or $8 million for new pools and a two-story building. (Which is it, 7 or 8?)

Here’s the thing: How many different “jars” should we be looking at to know what is good to spend?

A new roundabout is one jar for sure. There is talk about a new piece of road over to Eighth Street at Merrill. What about expanding the utilities for all the new people coming into town? A lot of people are saying affordable housing is needed in Carbondale. They don’t give that away. And then there is my pet peeve, what should we be doing for climate change? We are supposed to have a plan on how to make that happen. Where is the budget, or a fund, for dealing with climate change? There are wildfires all over.

So when I think about swimming pools, I ask what is it we are not considering that we should?

Patrick Hunter