Capitalizing on the coronavirus |

Capitalizing on the coronavirus

Is the Aspen community aware of the following policy? Aspen’s Bok Choy Restaurant (formerly Little Ollie’s) on Hunter is automatically charging a 15% gratuity on a pick-up order where absolutely no service is being provided. The curt explanation given when questioned was, “We’re all in this (COVID-19) together.”

On my second pick-up trip, they basically said I was the only one who questioned the policy and to stop ordering food from them.

There are restaurants around the country that are begging for takeout orders in order to survive, my partner has lost her job due to COVID-19, and people I respected have died. I fail to see where inflating a published price with nothing added is anything more than taking advantage of the situation. In my opinion after eating there for over 20 years, this is more of a takeout restaurant anyway, even though there is some inside seating.

Steve Citrin

Cliffside Park, New Jersey