Candidate Sue Tatem’s platform |

Candidate Sue Tatem’s platform

I am a retired biology professor, Temple University, Philadelphia, and lived with my retired radiologist husband in Aspen at the Gant Condominiums from 1996 until he died in November 2016.

I attended Broomfield High School, University of Colorado, Rice University in Houston, and earned my Ph.D. in physiology at the University of Texas in Austin in 1971. I did a post doctoral fellowship at National Institutes of Health and worked from then in biology at Temple University.

My interests are education and environment and art. I am currently a resident artist at the Red Brick. In Aspen and downvalley, my “footprint” is among the seniors, artists and medical people. My daughter is an MD in Detroit and my stepdaughter is a lawyer in Pittsburgh; I have six grandchildren. My motto is “Keep it simple, Susie.”

• No consensus —I do not agree to “consensus” decisions to make the appearance of unanimity. I will insist on recorded votes on all issues.

• Transportation — Transportation is my main issue. The people who signed my petition mentioned as the main issue the “transportation” problems.

• Bans — Three locals have told me they have been “banned” from public facilities for something they said. To me they should have freedom of speech. I will propose that on Amnesty Day that all such “bans” be canceled. Even the architect of our new art museum is named “ban.”

• Noise — Circadian rhythms and pineal gland were my area of research and this involved the science of sleep. Less than 30 dB is required for human sleep, so current city noise limits are too high and should be lowered at night to 30 dB or less. When I first came to Aspen I measured the natural noise levels at 15 dB but now it is noisier.

• Marijuana — I don’t use marijuana and I drink fewer than one or two glasses of wine a month. Two of my family members died of meth and heroine and they began with marijuana. There are side effects to its use. It is legal, but I will champion full education about the use of alcohol and marijuana.

• Pets — Pets are healthy. I have a cat. I am for pet-friendly practices and housing.

• Employee housing — I applaud Aspen’s efforts to have employee housing. I can see there have been many problems due to the normal life changes of people. They have children, they get married or divorced, they change jobs, they get sick or die and so on. I also think housing options should be available to artists and self-employed people working in Aspen. The housing need is large and broad and many of the homes are now occupied by the retired and they should be able to keep their homes.

• Development — I am “retro” on development. I like things they way they were. I prefer repurposing to new buildings where possible.

• Chain stores — Don’t chain stores have a right to free enterprise? I prefer chain stores to empty store fronts, and I miss McDonald’s.

• Power House — If the city need office space, then they should have started by keeping the Power House. I was unhappy with the suggestion of a beer garden when there were good proposals by Angie Callen and the scientists and the bears.

• City offices — I would start with reuse of existing properties before proposing new building.

• Road closures — I am against road closings for special interests. I would champion that all the public city roads be open to cars and that we have no one-way streets. Closed roads and one-way streets only make driving confusing in Aspen.

• Art —I would like the city to ask local businesses to decorate using local art. The city itself should use local art on their own properties. When I went to Glacier National Park, guess what picture was on the wall in my room — Maroon Bells.

• Wildfire — In Maui there are evacuation and safety instructions for tsunamis published in the phone books. I would like to see Aspen and other locations in our valley have something like that for wildfires. I would also like to see Aspen take some preventive mitigation measures in landscaping.

• Neighborhood swimming pools — Shipping container pools only cost $6,000.Sue Tatem