Candidate selections for Basalt council |

Candidate selections for Basalt council

As I approach my final days as an elected official in Basalt, I am happy to see that there are so many outstanding candidates running for council (six people for three seats). Watching the process, several have distinguished themselves, in my view, and are particularly worthy of consideration of our votes.

When Glenn Drummond became interested in a council position, he took steps over a year ago to become proactively involved as a volunteer in town government. He applied for a position on the Parks, Open Space and Trails position, where he has become an active participant in that committee’s work, as well as other aspects of town government in general. A year ago, when I met Glenn and talked to him for the first time, I knew that he had an amazing depth of understanding and appreciation for Basalt government. A vote for Glenn is a smart vote for someone who has proven he is committed and knowledgeable.

In working with Jennifer Riffle the past four years on council, I’ve been impressed with how committed she has been to researching and understanding all that comes before us. She is especially committed to community housing issues and all things technical. In my opinion, we need Jenn as the seasoned council professional to remain on the board in order to balance what will now be a less experienced group.

I was less familiar with the other candidates prior to campaign kickoff. David Knight has stood out with attendance at several council meetings; and reaching out to me and other council members to gain knowledge of the issues facing Basalt as he entered the race. We’ve had a number of conversations since then, and I have found him to be sincere and offer pragmatic ideas.

I’ve had limited interactions with Dieter Schindler, Tiffany Haddad and Elyse Hottel, and have not observed them in town subcommittees and/or attendance at council meetings prior to throwing their respective hats in the ring.

It makes sense to look at all the available information, candidate forums and/or reach out to all the candidates yourself to see what your instincts tell you. Their contact info is available through Town Hall.

Based upon my experience and intuition, I plan to vote for Glenn Drummond, Jennifer Riffle and David Knight … and hope you will too!

Jacque Whitsitt