Candidate for sheriff troubling

I would like to direct the voters of Pitkin County to the Walter Chi for Sheriff Facebook page. If one scrolls down far enough you will find something remarkable, something that would be amusing if it wasn’t troubling.

The post is a mock-up of a book titled “IM Legend — Biography.” The spine says “The History of the Legend” and the cutline says, “This will be the book of the new Pitkin County sheriff.” This, to me, is an example of what mental health professionals call a delusion of grandeur. Everyone has their fantasies but most people keep this stuff to themselves so folks don’t think there’s something wrong with them. I, personally, think it’s a great policy.

I guess that for someone to run for any office the person has to have an imagination, a vision. But when it becomes a delusion to the point that you’re mocking up books about your wonderful self, I believe a bit of therapy might be in order. And if the delusional individual is in law enforcement I think it’s time to get worried.

I really don’t think that someone with Chi’s problems belongs in law enforcement on any level, let alone sheriff of Pitkin County.

Michael Cleverly