Can Donald hear them?

What a magical turn! On Election Day, a mere 80,000 votes out of 136,452,150 cast allowed The Associated Press to declare Donald the electoral winner. Trump’s supporters are committed to willful ignorance and “wait and see,” leaving the alt-right and money interests free to inform Donald’s polices.

So I am elated to see 2.9 million women adding creative power and attention to the mix of people talking to the new president. A woman’s love is one of the most potent, creative forces on the planet. A woman knows her guy or children intuitively and with eyes wide open, informed by her experience of her guys/child’s weakness and strengths, lovingly cajoles them into fulfilling their own and their families needs. We need to be Trump supporters if we hope for reciprocity. Donald says he is listening. What will it take to get him to hear if he just ignored 2.9 million women asking him nicely to not take away their health care?

John Hoffmann