Calling out Sen. Gardner |

Calling out Sen. Gardner

Editor’s note: The following letter was originally sent to Colorado Sen. Gory Gardner.

What are you thinking?

Why did you vote for a woman who has no experience in education to be the secretary of education? One of her first ideas is to eliminate the federally funded school lunch program for poor children. Letting poor children starve and eat unhealthy junk food is not a solution to our problems of education. She doesn’t care. You did receive almost $50,000 from her as a campaign donation. Maybe that influenced your vote!

And you voted for Scott Pruitt for the Environmental Protection Agency. As Oklahoma’s attorney general, he received $40,000 from a chicken farm that was polluting the rivers and suddenly the case against the polluter was forgotten.

Tourism and outdoor recreation are among the biggest industries in Colorado. Did you know that outdoor recreation employs more than 124,000 people in our state? The state gets almost $1 billion from tax revenue from tourism and outdoor recreation. The annual payroll for tourism related jobs is just under $5 billion.

It seems obvious that a man who wants to end the EPA and is paid lots of money by energy related industries doesn’t really care about protecting our environment and our national parks.

Go to and learn about how valuable our great outdoors is to us.

Tell us why you voted for these two people who are not good for our children nor our environment. Hold a town hall meeting. Be strong. Do what is right. Don’t just vote for every candidate the president proposes. Republicans and Democrats alike care about education and the environment. You have shown us you don’t.

I hope everyone will call or email Sen. Gardner and demand a town hall meeting and an explanation of these votes and his silence on important matters.

His contact information is on his website:

The email form and phone numbers are there. You must put in your Colorado address.

Contact him today. Let him know how you feel. Contact him every day. There are so many issues to talk about. He needs to hear from us.

Cari Shurman