Calling abortion what it is: evil |

Calling abortion what it is: evil

My thanks to Jane St. Croix Ireland for the discussion she has shared about abortion and women’s happiness. I appreciate her desire to make people happy. But I despise the mythology of self-adoration she espouses for that purpose.

And how not? The mythology insults reason at the outset, when Ms. Ireland openly dismisses real-world reality. Thus freeing her divine self to ignore very public claims of fact, she fashions her own morality too. With it she defends killing the innocent by abortion.

Unfortunately her myth descends quickly from the unsupported heights to the banal untruth we hear regularly bandied in pro-abortion politics. We get the tired canard that pro-lifers oppose women’s “happiness” and “fulfillment.” Her latest letter, “Abortion and the right to choose,”(The Aspen Times, Feb. 15), drops the discussion clear to the mud. She flings the very predictable fallacy that pro-lifers “seek control of women.”

She follows with the always-amazing lecture, “It’s not OK to force your views on others.” This, in order to justify destroying others outright. A stunning double standard, possible only to divinities who may overrule basic reason.

Pro-lifers do not. Moreover we heed the primary fact about abortion, that it destroys a real human being, in order to serve the wishes of another. This blatant act of subjugation violates not merely nature, and the most basic human love, but our society’s bedrock claims of human equality, inalienable rights, and moral responsibility to others.

Thus open-eyed, pro-lifers do not imagine that anyone finds genuine “fulfillment” this way. We understand that no true “happiness” was ever gained by making a bloody mess out of a fellow human being. We therefore do not shrink from calling abortion what it is: evil.

We clearly see what evil has resulted in history from suchlike self-serving illusions. In every generation, over and over, dehumanized victims suffer the brunt. They are battered, bloodied, and poisoned. They are thrown to the lions, drawn and quartered, herded into camps — and yanked to their deaths via cold steel forceps — and always for someone else’s fancy friggin’ idea of what will make him “happy.”

When discussing abortion, I am constantly amazed that suchlike lethal ignorance still prevails among the well-intentioned. That the “evolved” remain as happy as any savage to defend atrocity. But mostly, I am sick of it.

Chris King


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