Call them what they are — fascists and bigots

I find it very disturbing that many members of our government and the press continue to refer to white supremacists and fascists as “patriots.” I think that many members of our great nation need to look up the definitions of fascism and democracy.

The Confederates lost one war and the Nazis lost another. The United States of America, because of patriotism, won both of these wars in favor of democracy. Part of the greatness of democracy is that it provides the freedom for beliefs in other forms of government. But these other forms of government should not be confused with democracy and those promoting these other beliefs should not be confused with patriots. To apply this term to those that stand in direct opposition to the ideals our true great patriots died for is a terrible desecration.

The comparison to 1776 is not a bad one. What do you believe in? Freedom and equality or “long live the King”? It’s time to make a stand because the red hats are coming.

Jim Duke


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