Cable-news rhetoric from Ascendigo Ranch supporters |

Cable-news rhetoric from Ascendigo Ranch supporters

I regards to the Ascendigo Ranch proposal, I live in Missouri Heights with my adult daughter with autism spectrum (along with other disabilities) and would like reply to the letter writers that we (Missouri Heights residents) need to “educate ourselves.”

So, what is my problem, Janet Mohrman (Aspen Daily News letter)? Well, It’s the fact that my wife and I have 30 years plus into trying to educate and understand this disability with my daughter. “My problem is” that 24/7 we are still educating ourselves, Janet, still educating.

I do strongly feel that Ascendigo is trying to force a square peg into a round hole under the guise of framing this as an “educational infrastructure.“ It is not. Supporters respond with “if you don’t support this Ascendigo Ranch, you don’t support autism.”

I think George Bush put it once as: “You’re either with us or you’re against us.” Nothing is further from the truth. Letters from ranch supporters hurt me and my family to the core with accusations that we do not understand autism/we’re NIMBYs/we’re millionaires. That’s all you got? Frog wings.

We live in a piece of crap money pit up here on Fender Lane, and my wife and I still work two jobs each to bring the best life we can to our daughter. I believe the million-dollar homes writers refer to belong to the deep pockets of the persons promoting this. Among one of the many “word smithing” twists the proposal contains puts the ”preferred route“ for access from El Jebel Road to Upper Cattle Creek Road to Fender as the “other routes are residential.”

The developers eloquently failed to include that this “preferred route” is all residential as well — except the Old Zordell Ranch along Fender. Dan Richardson, bless his heart sincerely, has a great seat at the influence table, having worked closely with Garco County administrators as Carbondale’s mayor and Ascendigo’s chief operating officer. I will not allow disagreeing with this commercial development being twisted into some shaming intimidation of not supporting autism. What is the matter with you people? Spin, spin, spin, I feel I am dealing directly with CNN and Fox News

Charles Bailey

Missouri Heights