Buying and selling real estate is a process |

Buying and selling real estate is a process

Regarding Scott Bayens’ column of March 18, I applaud Scott for taking the risk of sharing a broker’s point of view with the intent of helping customers know our business. He makes many good points, but I take issue with a few of his comments because, just as not all clients are alike, neither are all brokers.

To begin, we brokers do not adhere to an “industry standard” when it comes to commission rates; they are negotiated between client/broker. More importantly, what I did not read in Scott’s column is that no matter what we earn, we work equally hard on each transaction. Next, instructing sellers and buyers how to be prepared for the process is an interesting exercise, but in my experience a seller may not know if he/she is really ready to sell until jumping head first into the process. Part of our job is to guide you through it, which many do not consider a waste of time. Buyers often change direction after seeing lots of properties and end up with something they didn’t realize they wanted when they started out. Buying/Selling real estate is a process like many others in life: you navigate as you go along, while trusting yourself to work with someone who has your back.

Sheila Brennan