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Buttermilk and bacon don’t mix

Buttermilk is again celebrating Bacon Day on Sunday. If you go, you condone the cruel and inhumane treatment of an animal that is smarter than our pet dogs. In factory farms the baby pigs are castrated and bobbed with no anesthesia; runts and the sick are slammed to death on the concrete floor; most are dead before processing, but a few are still alive as their hair is burned off.

If these atrocities are not enough to convince you, the environmental travesties of factory farming should. The concentrated excrement from factory farms creates massive surface and groundwater contamination and pervasive air pollution in the form of methane (a greenhouse gas 30 times more potent than carbon dioxide), ammonia and hydrogen sulfide. These problems assault the poor and people of color more than the affluent, as they are the ones living downstream and downwind.

Their children get sick from swimming in the stream or drinking the water. We should have better things to celebrate! (If Aspen Skiing Co. would use sustainably farmed, humanely raised pork, they could set a great precedent and would be reflecting their core principles!)

Mark Billingsley and Denise Handrich


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