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But why, Skico?

Growing up in the valley was magical. I was able to ski every weekend at a reasonable price, then when my mom became a ski instructor for Aspen Skiing Co., she was able to give me and my sister a family pass. Like many other local parents who live here and instruct, she devoted her life to Skico in the wintertime.

I was able to get a pass through my mom up until I was 22, and my sister had hers until she was 21. Both my sister and I worked for Skico throughout high school and college as well. Now Skico demands employees to give them birth certificates and marriage licenses to “prove” age and relations. Because, apparently, you aren’t part of your family once you’re over the age of 21. This is complete nonsense. For someone to work for a company and be committed for so many years, then not be able to afford for their family to ski is disgraceful to our community.

So now, my sister and I, like many others, have been stripped of something that has made us whole and part of the local community. We grew up here, we add character to the mountain and can set an example for people who are visiting and new to the valley.

So Skico, why? What will 50-plus more locals on the mountain, one to two days a week do? What’s so hard about giving your dedicated employees passes that their immediate family can use for the season? Because I know for sure my sister and I will not be paying $1,000 to $2,600 to ski the mountain we grew up on.

Sage Lucero