Business booms in wartime |

Business booms in wartime

Rex Tillerson out. Mike Pompeo in. H.R. McMaster out. John Bolton in. Take your place on the great mandala.

Other than the usual examples of Donald Trump’s perverted notion of the way to run a railroad, these are particularly dangerous moves. Pompeo and Bolton are flaming hawks who support military action against North Korea and Iran.

They want Trump to approach the coming negotiations with Kim Jung un advocating unilateral nuclear disarmament on their part with no concessions and tearing up the nuclear agreement with Iran, which, Pompeo should know, the CIA says is working.

This leaves Secretary of Defense James Mattis as the only voice of reason on the foreign policy team. Mattis and McMaster are military men and nobody is more antiwar than soldiers. Pompeo and Bolton are businessmen and we all know war is good for business.

Let me ask you one question

Is your money that good

Will it buy you forgiveness

Do you think that it could

I think you will find

When death takes its toll

All the money you made

Will never buy back your soul

– Bob Dylan

Fred Malo Jr.