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Bus service not needed to Bells

I recently read that Roaring Fork Transportation Authority is short on bus drivers, so if I were running that operation I would want to figure out where to best use my resources.

The bus service to Maroon Bells is an unnecessary service. People will not stop coming to Aspen if you don’t offer this service. They will find another way to visit the Bells. This would free up the road for the occasional car that wants to pay the gate fee or better yet bikes, including e-bikes, walkers, roller-bladers and the occasional roller-skier. It would certainly enhance the experience for everyone and not having it subsidized by the taxpayer, no unnecessary bus-spewing fumes, a great thing for bike shops to rent bikes, a much healthier experience for everyone including visitors, tax revenue (positive) from bike rentals, less wildlife disruption from buses, less danger for bikers, etc., from buses, bus drivers allocated where needed due to shortage and a small contribution to helping the climate.

If a visitor really wanted to go and did not have a car and didn’t have the ability to ride a bike or walk there, they could hire a taxi or an Uber. The benefits for all are very compelling.

Ernie Fyrwald


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