Burning thoughts about climate change

Roger Marolt’s column nailed it saying fear doesn’t help when one needs to solve complex problems (“Paranoia will destroy us,” March 5, The Aspen Times). The phrase “deer frozen in your headlights” expresses this well. So, we need to keep moving and evolving.

Darwin said species that survive aren’t the strongest; they just adapt more. H2 Green Steel epitomizes adaptation, who knew that an energy gobbling refinery can run on hydrogen created solely from renewable energy? This is a game-changer. If this can be done in Sweden then developers here can build net-zero carbon buildings with electric heat pumps instead of gas or electric resistance heat and include magnetic induction stoves which are safer, just as quick, and easier to clean than gas.

Big industry and individuals are converting at an increasing rate (more good news) to being net-zero carbon. We can live sustainably. This means driving EVs and wearing an appropriate amount of clothes instead of lighting up a propane patio heater. We need to stop burning stuff if we are going to leave a sustainable planet to our grandchildren.

Tom Mooney