Building 6 was supposed to be an aqua center |

Building 6 was supposed to be an aqua center

Erica Robbie’s article about Base Village Building 6 was almost correct.

The original Community Purpose for Base Village was the aqua center and not Building 6. Building 6 was not part of the original Base Village approvals as a community purpose building as Erica stated.

The aqua center was designed for Base Village owners, guests and community use (Note: community use was to require a service fee) in the original Base Village approval. Then the rec center was built using the $1 million provided by the Base Village developer and additional funds and the town of Snowmass Village’s desire for this community purpose function diminished.

Building 6 was originally designed as a commercial and residential building. In the 2015 Base Village PUD amendment, it was traded for the community purpose aqua center, 20 more condos for the developer on the aqua center site and another $700,000 for the town. The residential square footage was added to the top of Buildings 7 and 8, which is how they got to be somewhere around 90 and 110 feet tall.

So the Town gained, the developer gained and Base Village owners lost the $3.5 million aqua center for which we are still paying the bonded indebtedness through Base Village Metro District No. 2 taxes.

Bruce Smith

Snowmass Village