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Buerger will put Western Colorado first

In recent years we have seen elected officials in the United States call to overturn election results, government-organized violence, efforts to inhibit people’s right to vote and recurrent hate speech coming from the mouths of elected representatives. And so, this election year presents us an opportunity to vote for change and ensure we elect people who will work to defend our democracy, our institutions and the rights and liberties of all.

Fifteen years ago, I began working alongside Cole Buerger, who is running to represent House District 57. We worked to strengthen democratic institutions around the world, helping elected officials and civil society organizations promote citizen participation in decision-making processes and improve government responsiveness and transparency. We worked to ensure that those elected to govern and citizens work together to build a better tomorrow for all. Through this work we learned that democracy is not something to take for granted, and sometimes that means rolling up your own sleeves to represent and invest in your community.

So in the face of many challenges facing American democracy today, I was not surprised to get a call from Cole last year. He had decided to run for office. He invited me to join his efforts to carry out a campaign that puts the interests of Western Colorado first. Today, I am honored to work alongside this impressive, self-made young professional who has profound roots in this valley as well as exposure to the world at large. Someone who wakes up everyday willing to give 100% to his community and the place that saw him come of age.

I invite you to learn more about Cole and his efforts to ensure that Colorado, and America, continue to be a wonderful place to call home. Visit Cole4Colorado.com to learn more about Cole Buerger.

Maria Teresa Nogales