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Buerger in his own words

As a Democratic candidate for the State House of Representatives, I am writing to let the voters of HD57 know what I will do in Denver should they elect me.

I will introduce legislation to incentivize more inclusive zoning and prioritization of affordable housing projects. I will work to boost first-time home ownership and create more reliable revenue streams for communities to add affordable housing stock.

I will work to increase cost transparency in health care and to allow small businesses and individuals to join health insurance pools, while investing in more community health clinics for primary care.

I will make sure rural Colorado gets our fair share of infrastructure dollars so we can repair roads and invest in public transit, expand broadband, and make our water, electric and communications infrastructure more resilient.

I will work to enshrine reproductive rights and LGBTQ+ rights among others, in our state constitution so they are not subject to the whim of legislators in the future.

I will fight to protect our water, keeping it in its home basins, and fund conservation projects while ensuring the upcoming renegotiation of the Colorado River Compact protects Western Slope interests. And I will always fight for Colorado to lead in lowering emissions, protecting public lands, and embracing zero and low carbon energy.

I will pass policies to make it easier for small businesses to start and succeed, reducing regulatory burden and providing greater access to capital, to diversify our district’s economy, and make sure we have a world-class education system that creates opportunity and a skilled workforce.

And I pledge to always show up and listen even when we disagree, to focus on solving the problems facing our district, and to get big things done in Denver.

I hope to earn your vote in this month’s Democratic primary.

Cole Buerger

Glenwood Springs