Buddy Program an incredible experience

In December of 2020, with my only daughter thousands of miles away in her first year of college, I turned my goal of becoming a mentor with the Buddy Program into a reality. Now, almost a year into my match, I can wholeheartedly say it is one of the best experiences I have had.

Often mentors step in with the desire to help a child in need, and while there is nothing wrong with the aspiration of helping to support a youth, know that the youth engaged with the Buddy Program shouldn’t be seen as “at-risk” due to the experiences they are navigating in their lives.

I want to share that the kids who the Buddy Program serves are smart, resilient, capable, creative, funny, compassionate and athletic to name just a few of their assets. I can certainly say this is true of my Little Buddy and the hundreds of other youth participants at the Buddy Program.

Please consider taking this opportunity to apply to become a Big Buddy, but when you do, know that you are choosing to be a part of a meaningful developmental relationship that has as much to offer to you, as you do to your Buddy.

Kids need adults in their lives who see them for the strengths, sparks and talents they already possess, as well as helping them to navigate the challenges that might exist or arise in their lives. Can you be that adult? If your answer is yes, please contact Laura at or call 970-317-2833.

Jill Gruenberg