Brown-town Aspen keeps the tourists happy |

Brown-town Aspen keeps the tourists happy

I was thrilled to read that the powers-that-be have decided to keep loading our streets with magnesium chloride; it’s so practical and comforting to our guests who really don’t want a white Christmas, but a brown one, just like they used to have in NYC, Philly, Chicago or D.C.

The beauty of seeing the different shades of snow turning from white, to gray, to brown, and if you’re lucky, maybe even black, is beauty reminiscent of a rainbow. And white snow makes one think of cold and winter. Who would want our guests to leave Aspen with the cold feeling of winter? They may go to Hawaii next year.

And the buses, they have to run on time, we can’t have any winter inconveniences, and the buses should be the same color brown as the winter buses in the big cities. People don’t really want a winter wonderland; they want to be reminded of home. White is not right!

Maybe we can get the Aspen Skiing Co. to put some brown dye in the snow so our city visitors will feel more at home. And pollution, any ecologist knows that fish pollute our streams; they use streams as bathrooms. Magnesium chloride can help stop this pollution by killing off these polluting fish.

Any way you look at it: White is not right. Our town should be brown.

Bob Bogner