Bringing the NFL to its knees |

Bringing the NFL to its knees

NFL players and their teams are adopting different forms of messaging to America that there are serious concerns over the treatment of minorities in America. We now see that many American football fans are strongly opposed to thinking about social and political problems before spending three and a half hours watching violence over who has a football. Many Americans also believe that such contests should be preceded by acts signifying patriotism. Oddly, many other public sport events are begun without the national anthem. Nor does almost any other country have this custom.

According to Sen. John McCain, the U.S. military actually pays the NFL millions of dollars to bring out those giant flags and have the players stand for the anthem. Not many years ago the players waited in the locker room until after the anthem was played. The military believes it improves recruitment which is becoming more difficult.

Much of the debate over these developments seems to boil down to one’s point of view. Fortunately, this difference can now be resolved. Chemists were looking for a better tanning method to cut down on skin cancer. New pills have just come on the market that will turn your skin darker. The effect lasts for a year and you can choose a shade between toast to dark chocolate. The darker the shade, the curlier your hair becomes. They come with a special ID that you can show to the police officers at a traffic stop. They say you should put the ID up on the dash so it doesn’t look like you are reaching for something.

Even more fun is that the pills will dissolve in liquids. You can sneak them into your friend’s drinks. What fun!

Patrick Hunter


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