Bring the wolves back to Colorado |

Bring the wolves back to Colorado

Wolves should be reintroduced to Colorado as a way to return the natural balance to our environment. After westward expansion in Colorado, the large mammals such as elk, deer, bison that composed wolves’ primary diets population depleted, forcing wolves to turn to livestock as their main diet. Because of their attacks on domestic animals, wolves in Colorado were regularly killed by shooting, trapping and poisoning.

In 1940, our state hired professional hunters and they hunted down, one by one, the last of the gray wolves which were native to Colorado. Our ecosystem has been giving us obvious hints that it is suffering because of the wolf eradication. Our riparian areas have been overgrazed by animals, creating an unhealthy riparian ecosystem. The elk populations have increased dramatically, making the balance between animal populations extremely unbalanced.

Lilly Justice

Aspen Junior Environmentalists