Bridge column doesn’t assuage apprehension |

Bridge column doesn’t assuage apprehension

I feel compelled to respond to Peter Rice’s column in Monday’s paper. In a belated attempt to deflect criticism of this being a trail project, Rice notes that utility infrastructure will be upgraded and that less than 15 percent of the cost relates to “trail construction” — words chosen very carefully. This project has always been driven by the desire to “complete” the trail and the 15 percent figure can only be true if you allocate all the traffic control, mobilization, contingency and other project management costs to other aspects of the project. Rice says this is a top-10 accident site without pointing out that the vast majority of those accidents have nothing to do with anything this project will fix. Finally, he uses a classic straw man argument to say that the Power Plant Road detour isn’t used 100 percent of the time without pointing out that traffic will be detoured through the West End for all but four weeks of the 20-plus week project including 24/7 from May 7 to June 11.

Jake Brace