Break with Beaton warrants explanation |

Break with Beaton warrants explanation

“It all started in 1975, with a commitment to integrity; we bring light to truth, excellence to endeavor and strength to community. We are the preeminent provider of relevant, timely and trusted information. We are the leaders for the communities and customers we serve.” How do you square this opening paragraph from your owner’s website — — with your cancellation of Glenn Beaton’s column?

Agree with all, some or none of his columns, but each was the product of serious thought, extensive research and solid writing. Beaton certainly brought “light to truth, excellence to endeavor and strength to community.” Ten days ago, I shared his most recent column with an Episcopal bishop. His response: “Your friend Glenn has caught what he calls Jesus’’contradictions’ better than I ever could, and writes engagingly, from his heart. I’m grateful.”

Did you cancel the column because you cannot tolerate views that don’t conform to yours? Each column should have been edited before it was published, so what was the tipping point? You didn’t like the latest piece “Jesus is not our mom,” the one the bishop thought was so good?

Perhaps you think your readership isn’t smart enough to stop and turn the page, if they don’t like what they are reading? We are talking six or seven minutes of reading a fortnight? Give your readership more credit and give this reader a well-researched, well-written column once a fortnight versus the daily letters to the editor, many of which are nothing more than brain farts.

Not publishing this column isn’t leading or serving the community, it is censoring thought and speech, exactly when we all need more diversity of thought. It will be interesting to see which writers for The Aspen Times speak up for diversity of thought and speech. “First they came for the Communists, and I did not speak out …!”

As “community leaders,” I hope you will explain why you cancelled this column and outline how its replacement will benefit readers.

Simon Pinniger