Break the chain of Aspen business closures

I thought in Aspen we were trying to keep out chain restaurants and retailers, and encourage local businesses. Now it’s reported that the Hillstone Restaurant Group has purchased the building that houses Over Easy and Aspen Brewery Co., and has terminated their leases. Hillstone owns and operates almost 50 restaurants under 15 different names throughout the country, including the White House. This is exactly the type of corporate chain that should not be operating in Aspen. On the other hand, Over Easy and Aspen Brewing Co. are owned and operated by locals who are exactly the kind of people that we want operating businesses in Aspen.

I hope our City Council does something to dissuade or prohibit Hillstone and other chains from operating more businesses in Aspen. And I think that multi-millionaire Mark Hunt, who sold the building that includes these tenants, should take it upon himself to secure another central Aspen location for them.

Aspen needs locals who operate casual restaurants like Over Easy, Poppycock’s and Peaches. Little Annie’s, Boogies, the Wienerstube and Main Street Bakery are gone. Let’s not lose any more.

Eric Simon

Snowmass Village