Braun column snubs Aspen Music Festival |

Braun column snubs Aspen Music Festival

Reading Debbie Braun’s guest column praising the Food and Wine Classic, Jazz Aspen Snowmass, the Ideas Festival and the Aspen Institute, all boosting “Aspen in many ways” as the headline points out, I searched in vain for mention of one of the largest draws and contributors to Aspen’s world-wide reputation (“Food & Wine Classic remains big boost for Aspen in many ways,” June 26,

It was surprising to me that the nearly 70 year-old Aspen Music Festival — despite its nearly 700 students, its frequently more than once-daily performances, its more than 100 faculty members — received nary a mention. Ms. Braun was credited at article’s end as president and CEO of the Aspen Chamber Resort Association. For the presiding officer of the Aspen Chamber Resort Association, failure to mention this backbone of Aspen summers was negligent in the extreme.

Kay Bucksbaum


Former Trustee, Aspen Music Festival