Brains over brawn |

Brains over brawn

In a community which puts so much emphasis on physical fitness, there is not much focus on brain fitness.

We spend more time on the rest of our bodies but little time on what makes it all possible.

A balanced brain creates a balanced body. It is beneficial to have an exercise routine for your brain.

A healthy brain will show up in a person with high energy, a positive mental attitude, mentally alert, excellent health, and resistant to infections.

Someone whose brain is not as healthy may show up with anxiety, depression, ADD, mood swings, sleep disorders, hormonal imbalances, digestive issues, and the list goes on.

The brain is neglected and abused. Yet, the brain is changeable. The neuroplastic potential of the brain is becoming better understood. By implementing healthy brain habits, the functions of the brain can improve.

What can we do to improve brain function?

One of the most important habits we can improve on are the foods we eat. Detoxification is critically important. Heavy metals are wreaking havoc on our nervous systems. Aluminum, mercury, and other metals are found in many people dealing with cognitive brain function challenges, emotional and behavioral issues.

Light and sound therapy entrains the brain towards healthy and balanced brain wave patterns.

Research is demonstrating that chiropractic adjustments actually have a profound impact on the brain. Taking care of our brain is the best thing that we can do to improve the quality of our lives.

Think about it.

Tom Lankering