Bowlski’s run into the gutter

I’m writing in response to Rick Carroll’s article about Bowlski’s owner “rolling through bankruptcy.” Ha! Gotta say I had quite a chuckle and frankly wasn’t really surprised.

Although the more I thought about it, I’m shocked their ship didn’t sink two years before COVID-19. Ever since they took over the business from ElJebowl, it’s been a downward spiral. I have been the Thursday Night league secretary for well over 15 years, and while our league and others were hopeful things would improve, that wasn’t the case. Bowlounge started with a remodel, which was OK, but what they needed to do was put their money into upgrading the machines instead of tearing up carpet, painting the walls, adding arcade and pool tables and hanging a painting of “the Dude” on the wall.

As time went by, numerous employees came and went, lanes were breaking down as were toilets, and we were constantly having to move about to finish three games that could take well over four hours to finish! We heard from previous employees saying “we don’t need leagues” because that would mean they would have to pass USBC rules and fix their equipment! Year by year our league and others’ diminished because a 16-lane bowling alley couldn’t accommodate even six teams! There were many times when there was no food, or a shortage of beer, etc., which I hear is still the case. I remember saying to the owner when he was in town, “Hey, all we want is a lane that works and a cold beer.” Is that too much to ask?

We were fortunate enough to finish our last season in February before the COVID-19 shut down but haven’t been back since. I refuse to have our league members pay with their hard earned money for a service that isn’t there. If they had upgraded their equipment when they bought the joint like they kept promising, they wouldn’t be in this predicament. League bowlers and regular bowling patrons bring in a lot of revenue. The proof is in the pudding. I hope the Crawford family will get someone else in there to revamp the place so we can get back to the camaraderie and sport we love! We miss bowling!

Erica Brager