Bowlski’s does not abide |

Bowlski’s does not abide

Dear Craig Spivey (owner of Bowlski’s), you purchased a viable business and ran it into the ground. Before you, Jonathon was rocking the kitchen with lamb chops and steaks. You replaced him with fried chicken, and it failed.

The kitchen has not been open consistently for many years. Before you, there was a bar business with Lisa Valley. Customers came in every day for happy hour, including the weekends. Your bar business has failed.

There is one league running on Mondays. They have been able to bowl less than six times since the fall due to maintenance issues. What does COVID-19 have to do with 11 nonworking lanes, no kitchen, lacking bar business, bathroom sinks that don’t work and bathroom doors that don’t lock?

You’ve been closed since Monday, Jan. 3, due to a flood. If “the different demographic” is the teenagers that are there on Saturday nights, they cannot support you. They bring their own liquor! The paper said you live in the Roaring Fork Valley (which I don’t believe). Please come into your business and support your forever-revolving employees.

Susanne Shimp