Boineau seeks re-election |

Boineau seeks re-election

Snowmass Wildcat Fire Protection District voters,

I, William (Bill) Boineau, am up for re-election on May 3 for the special district which requires your vote. I ask for your support to allow me to continue the work we have accomplished to protect our communities between Snowmass Village and Basalt. Please make the time to cast your vote at the Snowmass Fire Station on May 3 if you will still be in the village. If not, please email election official Susan Herwick at to request an absentee ballot to be mailed to you so you may cast your vote. I am running for one of the three seats on the fire district board of directors this election. Also, please consider Elizabeth Striegler as your second vote.

The fire district looks at the trends to continue to be an efficient, well-run special district to take care of our personnel and responsibilities. We have and continue to work on planning exercises to allow an appropriate growth for the increasing call volumes the growing Roaring Fork Valley is experiencing. Over the 37-plus years I’ve been involved as a firefighter/EMT (17 years) and board member (20 years), I have seen and experienced many issues in the importance to the fire protection district and the enhancement of the organization’s ability to serve. We’ve had growing pains when moving from a mostly volunteer organization to today’s Roaring Fork Fire Rescue Authority, which has combined the two special districts — Snowmass Wildcat Fire Protection District and Basalt and Rural Fire Protection District.

This combined effort has allowed both our smaller organizations to become more efficient by joining administrative tasks, one fire chief-manager, one fire marshal, one human resources director, one finance director, one training officer and one medical director and other important positions the authority has allowed because of joining forces.

Please contact me if you have any questions regarding this election. My contact information is or 970-948-7670

Bill Boineau

Snowmass Village