Boebert’s real-life experiences will serve Congress well |

Boebert’s real-life experiences will serve Congress well

SSome letters to the editor have focused on the very minor brushes with the law in congressional candidate Lauren Boebert’s past. That is simply part of her real-life experiences. In real life there are bumps in the road. She has lived a real life, and is far more qualified than someone who has not, to represent those living on the Western Slope.

Boebert’s brushes with the law are not a detriment. She has given a good explanation about those incidents. Most significantly, her own sheriff in Garfield County, Lou Vallario, has come out in support of her. Sheriff Vallario is a strong law-and-order type.

I am a retired FBI agent. I spent 33 years of my life fighting real crime and real criminals. I would not be supporting anyone who is a law-breaker. It’s important for the voters of the 3rd Congressional District to have this young woman, with her real life experiences, represent them in the U.S. Congress.

Thomas J. Baker