Boebert’s platform devoid of depth |

Boebert’s platform devoid of depth

After watching Lauren Boebert’s TV ads and looking at her website, I wonder, who are the far left politicians she’s tired of and what exactly are the things she’s tired of? There’s nothing specific about policies in her ads or her website. Just that she’s pro guns, pro freedom, pro constitution etc.

The left has no power in Washington right now. The Republicans have all the power, so whatever she’s tired of in Washington she should be complaining about the Republicans who’ve been running the country for four years. She also said in her ad that she doesn’t want socialists to take her health insurance away and replace it with socialized medicine.

Does anyone out there really like their health insurance? Most other countries in the world have socialized medicine and none of them have ever voted to get rid of it. When someone is living with a huge debt or has to declare bankruptcy because of medical bills, do they really have freedom? Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone could live their lives and not have to worry about the cost of prescription drugs and other medical bills?

Even now with a pandemic still raging, she’d rather keep our present overpriced and inefficient health care system the way it is. Four years ago Trump said he’d repeal Obamacare and replace it with something terrific. OK, let’s see the plan. I’d love to see a plan where everyone is truly covered and no one has to go bankrupt because they can’t afford the bills. We’d have a healthier and stronger country.

Is she taking money from pharmaceutical companies and hospital corporations already, or is she just sending them the message that she’s on their side?

Rick Holtz


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