Boebert’s focus on energy is misguided |

Boebert’s focus on energy is misguided

Always a treat to have Rep. Lauren Boebert, the Oracle of Oil, drop into the valley and make her pronouncements on Colorado’s energy portfolio. On this latest visit, she chastised the push for renewable energy, and said, “… extremists put forward policies to regulate our communities into poverty … no longer allowing us to use American resources and create American energy” (Aspen Daily News, Jan. 26). What a bunch of garbage.

Boebert seems to think traditional energy jobs in coal, oil and gas are going to save the Western Slope’s economy. Even the shallowest observer knows that jobs in the renewable and energy efficiency sector are growing at a much faster rate than jobs in the traditional carbon-based energy sector.

Since 2010, Colorado has tripled its renewable energy production, primarily through wind and solar. In that same period, Colorado’s dependence on coal-generated electricity has nearly been cut in half. Today, Colorado gets 30% of its electricity from renewables. It’s not just that coal is dirty it’s that it’s become cheaper to shut down coal plants and install entirely new solar and wind-power generating plants. The numbers are readily available to anyone with the slightest interest.

The people who are moving Colorado to an energy portfolio that will soon be dominated by wind and solar power are not “extremists.” They are the ones who have done the research, do the numbers, and who are actually in the energy business — like Xcel Energy. They know that renewable energy is the way of the future both for the producer and the consumer.

Boebert’s fantasy that coal, oil and gas are Colorado’s energy future is just that: a dirty fantasy. She should spend less time mean-tweeting and more time studying kilowatt-hours and the economics of energy production.

Mark Harvey