Boebert will uphold Constitution |

Boebert will uphold Constitution

Suppose John F. Kennedy was running for president in 2020. Could you imagine the shock and “radical-right-wing” name calling if he were to say, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”

Of course, JFK lived in a patriotic day before Johnson’s welfare state of the War on Poverty (1964). The past decade has seen a race of bottom-dwellers to be fellow members of the Venezuela Club economically with Santa Claus(D) campaigning against Santa Claus(R); both promising different levels of “what your country can do for you.” Balderdash! Socialism doesn’t work! Robin Hood was a thief! Strong selfless families and churches function much better as they “ask what they can do for their community.” Unfortunately, the losing War on Poverty has destroyed millions of families with a government check replacing fathers. Sigh.

Our choice is clear for U.S. representative of the 3rd Congressional District in Lauren Boebert as she is the most focused on our Constitution and limiting the federal government in its interference of the states’ rights. Her constitutional voting record will be accessible for all to see as she seeks the goal of 100%; well above Scott Tipton’s career 65%, and even further above most all of the socialist representatives averaging less than 25% constitutionally ( ).

When Lauren takes the oath of office in January, , she will be swearing to “defend the Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic” — not the Republican Party and not the president.

Far too many politicians have turned their back on the Constitution for the spineless motto of, “meeting in the center of the aisle.” No legislation is better than unconstitutional legislation.

…and to the Constitutional Republic for which it stands…

Jerry Law

Glenwood Springs