Boebert will fight for our freedom

Lauren Boebert is the American dream — from a kid on welfare to opening her own business employing other Americans giving them a step-up to independence!

She also had the courage to defy unconstitutional county orders to shut down her business . Not only did she win for her business but saved all the other businesses in her town.

No one was sick with COVID-10 but the “powers” said to close because “they said so.”

Enough of the old sheep “following the law,” which has zero legislative teeth.

We need a young, freethinking woman to let us live as free Americans. And, by the way, zero people are sick from her fundraiser. Those who are older with comorbidities know to protect yourselves. Let the rest of us live freely.

Vote Boebert for U.S. Congress .

Lorrie B. Winnerman