Boebert wants it both ways

Dear Congresswoman Boebert,

I watched your first address to the floor of the House of Representatives precisely one year ago today (Jan. 6, 2021). During that first address, you made reference to those participating in a demonstration that led to an assault on our nation’s capitol. Those individuals were there to derail the peaceful transfer of power resulting from the clear expression of the American people as to their preferred elected officials. I believe your reference to that assembled group included going back to 1776, a recognition that indicated you considered this group to include American patriots.

A true patriot in their early days in office may have paid closer attention to the constitutionally prescribed role of counting the results provided by the set of electors from each of the various states. After one year in office, the positions you have taken have only bolstered your backing of those who would work to undermine rather than support our democracy, including those that stormed the capitol that day to block the peaceful transfer of power. As our president reminded us this morning, your name was on the same ballot that elected you to office that you claim resulted in the placement of an illegitimate president. How can you take issue with the legitimacy of his election to office while claiming the validity of your own election on the same ballot with the same electors on the same day?

A reasonable person following your positions may expect that you would be resigning your position and calling for a new election in your own district to rectify errors that you allege in the election process. People like me may be more inclined to believe that your position is not merely political chicanery if you would back up your position with action.

Phil Overeynder