Boebert takes undeserved credit |

Boebert takes undeserved credit

Reading Lauren Boebert’s “guest column” in the March 30 Aspen Times, I’m reminded of a Dostoevsky quote that goes, “A man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point where he does not discern any truth either in himself or anywhere around him.” Boebert has proven to be a brazenly dishonest representative. Her dishonesty comes into harsh relief in the guest column where she takes credit for several federal programs benefiting Colorado, all of which she voted against.

Citing a list of recent congressional legislation, Boebert wrote, “In fact, I recently secured nine important victories for rural Colorado through the regular, nonearmark process.” Her list includes things like funding rural community health centers, funds for NASA’s space program in Colorado, and the Indian Irrigation Fund to help the Southern Ute Tribe. The trouble is, all nine of these things were part of an omnibus appropriations bill (HR 2471) that Boebert voted against. She bragged about voting against the bill on March 9 with one of her delightful tweets: “I’m a no on the $1.5 trillion spending bill that fails to defund Biden’s vaccine mandates.”

In the military, if you wear a uniform despite not having served, it’s called stolen valor. Boebert’s brazenly taking credit for programs she opposed with her nay vote on the omnibus bill is the legislator’s version of stolen valor.

And speaking of the military, Boebert’s website states, “Our service members sacrifice so much for our Nation, and their families deserve to be taken care of.” Again, empty words that fly in the face of her voting record. Her nay vote on HR 3967, the bill expanding medical benefits to soldiers exposed to toxic burn pits, says it all.

Colorado’s 3rd has a world-class gaslighter in Congress.

Mark Harvey