Boebert stands against the liberal agenda |

Boebert stands against the liberal agenda

Republican Lauren Boebert is a newcomer to politics and a breath of fresh air in our dank political swamp. Cities controlled by Dems for decades have the highest taxes and unemployment, most crime and the worst schools in the USA. Lauren’s opponent is an “experienced” Dem.

Ms. Boebert is against open borders, defunding police, raising taxes, racial reparations and gun confiscation. Lauren’s Dem challenger is on the opposite side of the common sense fence.

Ms. Boebert supports our region’s greatest economic engine: the oil and gas industry. Her Dem opponent wants to eviscerate it. Lauren doesn’t believe in AOC’s New Green Dream, nor does she trust our government to totally control our health care. Her Dem opponent endorses both.

Please cast your vote for Lauren Boebert.

Bruno Kirchenwitz