Boebert is utterly clueless |

Boebert is utterly clueless

Wake up, Pueblo and western Colorado, we have an avowed militia sympathizer wanting to represent us in Congress! Her name is Lauren Boebert. In June she posed with the far right “III%” militia and tweeted, “I am the militia.”

Boebert is running on a “freedom” and “law and order” platform. Her “freedoms” include shunning face masks, letting her pit bull harass neighbors, interfering with police detaining teenagers for underage drinking, and business liens for not paying Colorado unemployment taxes. According to Garfield County records, she’s also had numerous arrests, citations and warrants for not appearing in court, dangerous driving, and serving tainted food without a permit.

Boebert also has zero understanding for how government works. In a Channel 9 News interview, she attacked our nice and dignified Congressman, Scott Tipton, for not “repealing Obamacare,” not “firing Nancy Pelosi,” and for serving on congressional committees with Democrats. Even Civics 101 students know that Democrats and Republicans always serve together on congressional committees! Anyone seeking election to Congress also ought to know that Democrats currently control the House of Representatives. Tipton is just one of 435 House members, and is in the minority party. Tipton cannot possibly “fire Nancy Pelosi, “end Obamacare” or balance the budget by himself. Boebert’s ignorance on this is stunning.

Boebert’s allies are running TV commercials attacking her opponent, Diane Mitch Bush, of Steamboat Springs, for being a “professor” and “ski town liberal.” Mitch Bush served as a Routt County commissioner and in the Colorado legislature. Heaven forbid we should have a representative who is educated, thinks before she opens her mouth, and comes from a ski town — an industry that contributes $5 billion annually to Colorado’s economy.

The bottom line on Lauren Boebert is that she is uninformed and embarrassing. We need moderates in Congress — not shouting, gun-toting militia sympathizers who add to the rancor and division. Please vote for Diane Mitch Bush.

Andy Wiessner