Boebert is all sizzle and no steak |

Boebert is all sizzle and no steak

Pistol-packin’ Shooters Grill owner Lauren Boebert is running for Congress against Steamboat Sprints Democrat Diane Mitsch Bush. Boebert recently sent me letter soliciting my support for her campaign.

Boebert writes that she is pro-freedom, pro-guns, pro-Constitution, pro-energy, pro-life, pro-Colorado and pro-America. She supports President Trump “100 percent.” She calls Democrats “left-wing lunatics” and uses buzzwords like “socialized medicine,” “AOC,” “the liberal media” and “Nancy Pelosi” to discredit her opponent. She makes no mention of climate change or health care.

In no place in her four-page letter does she single out a single specific program that, if elected, she would oppose or support.

So what, exactly, would Lauren Boebert do if elected? We know she owns a restaurant, has four boys, and has had a few run-ins with the law. She likes guns and fries up a mean pork slider. But the United States Congress is a pretty big step for a political newcomer. Why should we elect someone with no political experience? Only Ms. Boebert can answer that. She pulled out of the Club 20 debate when she was told she wouldn’t have access to the questions beforehand. She has not made herself available to participate in a debate hosted by the Pueblo Chieftain or a forum put on by the League of Women Voters.

In order to make an informed choice, voters need more than sound bites and a professed fervent devotion to the president. Ms. Boebert needs to come out of the shadows and face not just her supporters, but her opponent.

Ed Colby

New Castle