Boebert fails in finance |

Boebert fails in finance

Although Rep. Boebert preaches about being a fiscal conservative, her business and campaign finances indicate that she has little understanding of how finances work.

For four pre-pandemic years (August 2016 through February 2020) she racked up no fewer than eight tax liens on her restaurant for failure to pay her unemployment Insurance. An oversight one fiscal quarter might be understandable, or even a temporary cash-flow issue. But repeated offenses indicate either a lack of organizational skills (hire a bookkeeper — it has to be cheaper than those hefty fines) a failing business, or just a scofflaw attitude. Not acceptable.

Her campaign finances cause her equal or greater woes. Lack of funds is not the reason; she has plenty in her war chest (the majority of which comes from sources outside Colorado — but that is a different topic). She has repeatedly been warned about contribution violations, errors, and questionable expense claims. Those chronic issues indicate that she is incapable of putting together a team that both understands and executes within the parameters of campaign finance rules.

Smart people acknowledge and understand their shortcomings. Ms. Boebert appears to be either too arrogant or too clueless to admit she doesn’t understand basic financial management and is incapable of managing her dollars. Do you really want her making decisions about yours?

Teri Feeney Styers

Grand Junction